Month: March 2022

Response to Text: St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day

Please read the article on St Patrick’s Day here before answering the questions.


1) When is St Patrick’s Day celebrated?

  1. a) 16th March b) 17th March
  2. c) 18th March                                d) 19th March


2) Which of the following was not how St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated?

  1. a) Formal     b) Fun
  2. c) Religious d) Traditional


3) Where was St Patrick originally from?

  1. a) Britain b) Ireland
  2. c) France d) Italy


4) Why do you think St Patrick’s Day was such a religious event?

→because Patrick brought Christianity in ireland.


5) In which ways has St. Patrick’s Day changed over time?

→it used to be a traditional,religious, and formal event but now it’s a celebrated event.


6) Leprechauns and four-leaf clovers are a symbol of Britain.

  1. a) True                         b) False


7) Why is Green such a symbolic colour in Ireland?

→stories about green being protection


8) True or false: St. Patricks used to teach with a four-leaf clover or shamrock in his hand.

  1. a) True                     b) False


9) Why do you think people say that St. Patrick’s got rid of all of the snakes in Ireland?

           → In fact many animals found throughout Europe and North America don’t live on the island of Ireland—the ocean keeps the critters away.


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Research Task: St Patrick’s Day

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