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Equivalent Fractions

Task Description: Today I had to finished off my Math work from last week. We had no work from this week because our teacher wasn’t here. It was hard on the last page because we had to write each fractions in a simplest form. I hope that you like my maths and I hope you write a positive comment on my blog!!

New Zealand Sign Langues

Task Descriptions: Today me and my class had to record us, introducing us and saying our name is sign langue. I find it very easy to do my name because  the letters I had  in my name was very easy.  Thank for reading my blog and hopefully you leave a positive comment!

Ordering Fractions

Task Description: Today my class and I had to solve a fractions problem that was quite difficult but some people finished it very fast. On the second page it gave us a example for us, so that we can do on the other pages. I got threw the pages quite fast but then the last page was very hard because I didn’t understand the question.

Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you leave a positive comment!


Description: A few weeks ago we were reading a book about a book called Fever. We read it and started to get words that we were unsure of, and put it in a slide. I answered all that question and put  the link into my turn it in sheet.