Response to Text: ANZAC


Please read the article on ANZAC here before answering the questions.


1) What does ANZAC stand for?

→ Australia New Zealand Army Corps


2) Where in the world were the ANZACs sent to?

  1. a) Gallipoli     b) France
  2. c) Russia d) Italy


3) When did the ANZAC soldiers arrive at their destination?

  1. a) 25th April 1915, Dusk b) 25th April 1915, Midday
  2. c) 25th April 1915, Midnight d) 25th April 1915, Dawn


4) Finish the sentence: The ANZAC soldiers represented courage and perseverance…

→ in the face of failure and despair.


5) How many New Zealander soldiers lost their lives in the Gallipoli Campaign?

  1. a) 8500 b) 87,000
  2. c) 2779 d) 44,000


6) True or False: The ANZACs were supposed to land at ANZAC Cove.

  1. a) True                         b) False


7) Why was the Gallipoli Campaign seen as a defeat for the ANZACs?

→ they went to the wrong place and the enemies had the advantage.


8) True or false: Poppies were the first flower to be planted in the mud where many ANZAC soldiers died.

  1. a) True                     b) False


9) Why is ANZAC Day such a significant day in History for New Zealand?

           →  because they were fight for there country