My Sharing others photo Challenge

Task Description: Today me and my class had to  do a Cybersmart challenge. We had to take photos of our selfs, with our teacher, and with a famous mate. The photo I did with my famous mate was with some of the Queenslands players. I picked them because I support the team and not just that it is the best team in the world!. Thank you for reading my task description.

Equivalent Fractions

Task Description: Today I had to finished off my Math work from last week. We had no work from this week because our teacher wasn’t here. It was hard on the last page because we had to write each fractions in a simplest form. I hope that you like my maths and I hope you write a positive comment on my blog!!

New Zealand Sign Langues

Task Descriptions: Today me and my class had to record us, introducing us and saying our name is sign langue. I find it very easy to do my name because  the letters I had  in my name was very easy.  Thank for reading my blog and hopefully you leave a positive comment!

Ordering Fractions

Task Description: Today my class and I had to solve a fractions problem that was quite difficult but some people finished it very fast. On the second page it gave us a example for us, so that we can do on the other pages. I got threw the pages quite fast but then the last page was very hard because I didn’t understand the question.

Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you leave a positive comment!

About Me

Malo e lelei my name is Willy and I am 12 years old. I am a proud Tongan that likes to express my culture because it’s a huge part of who I am. I am one of five children.  I enjoy playing sports such as rugby, volleyball and tag. My favourite subject at school is maths. In my spare time I like to go bike riding with my family.

Immersion Assembly

Malo e lelei my name is Willy and today I’ll be talking about what happened at the immersion assembly. My class and I walked to the hall and I saw some of the teachers dressed up in their costumes for their show that they were going to perform in. I waited patiently for the Assembly to start.Then Mr Burt greeted all the students and then handed it to the prefects for the karake and mihi. Once they finished the karake and mihi, the management team did a show to start off. One by one all the teams finished but one was still waiting on their turn, and finally team 5 got their turn and showed off their show they had planned.

Their skit was about Cinderella and her two ugly sisters that was spoiled and annoying, Cinderella wished  that she went to the ball so a wish fairy came out of nowhere and said to the Cinderella “ what kind of wish do you want to Grant a wish” and then the Cinderella granted her wish, BOOSH she suddenly had a dress and was dancing with the prince. But all of a sudden the prince accidentally ripped off Cinderella’s dress. Cinderella was so embarrassed she kicked off one of her shoes and ran away. The prince was disappointed and knocked on all the village’s doors so he could find Cinderella. Cinderella called out the wish fairy and wished that she will find the right man that she needs and that she doesn’t get embarrassed. Suddenly the storyteller fall in love with Cinderella. THE END!!!



Description: A few weeks ago we were reading a book about a book called Fever. We read it and started to get words that we were unsure of, and put it in a slide. I answered all that question and put  the link into my turn it in sheet.