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Global Warming

Please read the article on Global Warming here before answering the questions.


1) What is global warming?

→global warming is the earth’s heating up over time.


2) What increases heat-trapping greenhouse gases?

  1. a) The sun     b) burning Fossil Fuels
  2. c) The water d) schools


3) Which layer of the Earth do Fossil Fuels come from?

  1. a) Mantle b) Inner Core
  2. c) Crust d) Outer Core


4) What are fossil fuels made from?

  1. a) minerals from rocks b) planting trees
  2. c) minerals from the water d) dead animals and plants


5) Why are fossil fuels so detrimental to the Earth?

→they release large amounts of carbon dioxide


6) True or False: Greenhouse gases trap rain and storms.

  1. a) True                         b) False


7) How did Greenhouse gases get the name “greenhouse”?

→when the heat goes into the earth it can’t get back out.


8) True or False: Without an atmosphere, the Earth wouldn’t be as warm as it is now.

  1. a) True                     b) False


9) What can we do to slow global warming?

           → we can plant less and don’t use that much power.


10) Why do you think learning about Global Warming is so important?

           → because so the earth can live for ever.