Month: June 2022

The bush

One day me and my friend Mike went for a hike through the big forest.When we got there we heard a big roar and i was very scared.We started off well, because there is a lot of bears in the woods we are walking in and i was quite scared of bears but we don’t see or hear anything.When we got deeper into the forest we started to get kind of scared because we were hearing a lot of things and my head was quite dizzy, so i told my friends “can we sit down a bit my head is getting dizzy” and he said “yes let sit on this log”.I got my water bottle out of my bag and drink some water, my dizziness kind of faded away and we got up and continued walking for the forest.We started to hear scary things now like step foot around us but no one was there and seeing imaginary people that weren’t there.We got even deeper into the wood and started to hear what i think it is, a large bear roaring loud as he can, me and my friend saw the bear and started to run back as fast as we could.The large bear saw us and was chasing us, we run super, super fast and made out of the forest and into are car and we drove off very fast.Me and my friend was very terrified what we in counted and we will never ever go back to a forest or woods again.I was thinking that i dropped something when we were running away from the bear.It was my phone i was telling my that i dropped my and he said “we can’t go back i am very scared”.But i was pleasing him and he said “find” but we need to be quick.He turned around the car and we went back to the forest, i was quite scared to but i need to get my phone back.We got there i went out and went into the woods, i was looking around trying to find the bear and i step on something and it was my phone i quick;y grabbed it and ran to the car and we speed off.