Anti Gravity Machine

3 thoughts on “Anti Gravity Machine

  1. Kia ora Willy
    Thanks for uploading this awesome video of you trying the anti gravity experiments! You really put a big smile on my face! It was so great to see your reaction when the cup and cardboard experiment worked. I’ve never seen that done before – I was super impressed! It must create a vacuum seal? Did you find out how it works?
    The swinging cup part made me laugh so much! I hope the clean up didnt take you too long! Lucky it was just water. I wonder if the strings were shorter, if it would work? Or maybe it needs to be spun faster? Did you try any different ways to get it working?
    Hope your house is dry now! Haha
    Look forward to hearing back from you,

  2. Kia ora Willy,its me Jaxson.It was so funny how you messed up.I loved how you tryed to make the water stay in the cup in the 1st part of the video,great job:).

    Did you end up cleaning up your mess,haha I’m just messing with you.Have a great day Will:).


  3. Kia ora Willy,
    My name is Huhana-Jean and I go to Tautoro School.
    I think it was really cool how you got that cardboard to get stuck to the gravity of the cup of water. I really like that and how you had expressions also when you made a little mess and then you made it turn into a massive mess.
    I also liked the creation that you made with a ribbon and the bottom of a bottle. That was funny how you made a bigger mess with your invention.

    Nā Huhuana-Jean

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