Summer Comic Strip

Copy of Summer Comic Strip Template 1 Today I created my comic strip and it about bullying. I hate people that bully kids that are not even there age and pick on them. I think that they should stop and think about it.

3 thoughts on “Summer Comic Strip

  1. Kia ora Willy,

    It’s Simon here again from the Summer Learning Journey team. Great work on completing another task. Your comic strip looks great. Ka pai! That’s such an important message that you’ve written in your description. You must have some pretty good values.

    The comic strip looks great! Have you created comic strips before? It’s written very clearly and where you placed the speech bubbles made it easy to follow along. It’s so colourful too.

    Have you been out to the beach much this summer? I really need to plan a day to get to the beach before summer is over.

    I can’t wait to see what you post next.

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  2. Malo e lei lei WIlly, What an amazing comic strip you have made, I like how the man teaches the woman how to surf and his generosity to do so, keep up the good work.

  3. Kia Ora Willy,Its me Jaxson.I love how you got the idea of bullying keep it up,I also liked that you made it a swimming lesson.

    What gave you the inspiration to get the idea of bulling.



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